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Deutschland Afrika Korps Force Restrictions

Deutschland Afrika Korps

The Germans are in a fighting withdrawal back towards Tunisia, keeping the resurgent Eighth Army at arms length whilst trying to buy time for reinforcements to arrive.  Despite the Royal Navy's efforts, some reinforcements have arrived and the battered Panzer Divisions are falling back on supply lines stocked with new Panzer IV G (early) and PaK-40 anti-tank guns.

Permitted Lists, Germans
From "North Africa" unless a PDF update or new book comes out before December this year. Arsenal is updated as per PDF Mid war arsenal update.

  • PanzerKompanie, North Africa – restrictions as below
  • Africa Schuzenkompanie, North Africa – restrictions as below
  • PioneerKompanie, North Africa – restrictions as below
  • Panzerspah Kompanie, North Africa – restrictions as below
  • FallshirmjagerKompanie, North Africa – restrictions as below
  • GrenadierKompanie, Tunisia – restrictions as below
From Burning Empires
  • Brandenburger Halbkompanie - No access to Assault Rifles (in the list to allow Eastern Front use).
 From PDF lists

  • Unternehmen Dora - no restrictions
  • KG Koenen - no restrictions, but probably one for the less serious player given it tops out at 1200pts!
Companies have no access to the following Italian era kit:
  • No Panzer can be upgraded to Panzer IVG (late) or H
  • Flame-Tank Platoon
  • Assault Gun Platoon (Tunisia version)
  • Schwere Panzer Platoon
  • Africa Schwere Panzer Platoon
  • Tank-Hunter Platoon with Marder III H
  • Rocket Launcher Battery
  • PanzerSpahkompanie with SdKfz 250 or Half Tracked PanzerSpah Platoon
  • Armoured Artillery Battery
 Note, the list is specific so a Tank Hunter Platoon is okay with Marder I, III(7.62) or Diane, etc. 

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